The Fullness of God’s Blessings

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I hope you know that I pray constantly that every message I bring to you will impact your life for the Lord Jesus.  Though every message will not apply directly to each person here, God knows exactly what you need and believe me, He will take what you need and deliver it to you through the message, the song, the fellowship and the worship that takes place today.  My part, yield my heart and mind to Him, study His Word, be receptive, follow His leading.  The part of the worship team is similar.  Hear, yield, prepare.  What is your part?   Yield, open your heart and mind to hear God speaking to your soul.  From a human standpoint I sometimes get concerned.  I know that whoever you spend the most time with has the greatest opportunity to impact your life.  I calculated how much time I have to impact the average church worship attender for our church, through the message alone.  It comes to less than 15 hours in a year.  That takes into account the Sundays you miss.  From a human standpoint that is disconcerting.  8760 hrs. in a year.  3000 sleeping.  Over 2000 working.  Over 1000 traveling or commuting.  Out of 2700 hours available to impact your life, I get 15 hours.  That breaks down to less than 3 minutes per day to influence you.  This is why God wants says to study, we need to do devotionals, fellowship with each other about the Lord.  This is why we have a website now available.  It offers you the opportunity
to catch a sermon you missed.  It offers blogs that have spiritual implications.   In the future we hope even more.  Sunday Evening Services.  Monday Bible Studies.  Special Studies.  Men’s meetings.  To give you the opportunity to be around those who would influence you positively for God.  It is why God has me be available for you to talk with.  Why is all of this necessary?  Because God didn’t design us to go thru life alone and to do things on our own.   Romans tells us that God gave men and women to influence us for His sake.  He has made sure we lack in nothing.

How you WALK is important and teaching you God’s Word will influence your walk. We all know that others watch how we walk.  They see what influences us and what is important to us.  So what we are talking about here is really about your Walk.  What about my concerns for you?  They are real, but they do not become anxieties for me.  I don’t fret—I work.   I don’t worry—I revel in His ability.  I don’t try to understand why God does things the way He does—I rejoice that He is using me!   I am confident that if I give a penny to God, He can and will multiply it, beyond
my wildest comprehension.  I am confident that the few minutes I get to spend with you on Sunday morning, Sunday night, at Monday Bible Study, or in the blogs on our website, are the offerings of my heart, given to God,  which He will multiply greatly.  So how does this affect you!

I know that all things happen in His Time!  We are to be faithful in following daily.  Our walk is important.  In fact, our Walk is everything.  We are on this earth but a very short time.  How we spend it is important.  That’s why God has given us pastors, teachers, and church leadership.  So we learn and make the most of our time in this life.

Jeremiah 42:3.  He will show us how to walk, where to walk.  That means get into His word, find out where to walk and how to walk.  To
listen to those who are in It already.  Those who are already walking the walk.   But there is so much more.   

Romans 6:4.   Why walk in newness of life?  He did His part, now it time for us.

Romans 8:4.  There is a reason we are to walk His way.  It points to Him.  We fulfill what God was all about from the beginning.  How He cared for us even in the time of the Law.  And our walk shouts out that we know Him.   Remember, we said others are watching.  Do they see how valuable He is to us?  But there is something even greater found in our Walk for the Lord.  BLESSINGS.  We are extremely blessed with every blessing God have available for us.  But I dare say that most Christians have no idea what blessings they have.   Let’s look at a man who is called the father of us all who are believers.  The man the bible speaks of having great faith.  Let’s look at what God told him to do to see and understand his blessings.  Abram or as you may know him best, Abraham.  But know this, Abraham wasn’t called Abraham until he was 90 years old.  His name before that was Abram.  It means ‘exalted father.’  But do you remember that Abram had no children.  His wife Sarah was barren.  Yet he was given the name ‘exalted father.’   But what is a father?  Are we talking biological only?  NO!  A father teaches, instructs, cares for, exposes real love, defends, and lays down his life for his children regardless whether or not they are his biologically.   A father is a role model, an example.  By
watching a father, the lessons of life can be learned.  The direction of life can be observed.  And by watching a father one should see the joy and love of his heart.  That’s the intent of God for a Father.   Abram was a man like that.  He had no children, but he loved and was loved by his extended household.  He cared about them.   Abram was blessed beyond all imagination.  Yet he didn’t have kids of his own.

Genesis 13:6.   Note that there were so many of them and Abram was responsible for them all.  So when we get to verse 7.

Genesis 13:7.   It was inevitable that there would be strife because there wasn’t enough for them all.  So Abram had to make so decisions for the good of the entire group.  God gave us this great building to worship in.  Was the old bad?  No!   Was the gym bad?  No!  But things are ever changing and if they don’t, strife will come about.  There will be problems.  There must be room for growth, always.  In business we are taught to grow or die.  So businesses put their focus on growth.   Life is like that in general.  I knew a church that said we don’t need young people in our church.  You know what happened to it.  The congregation grew old and eventually the church closed its doors because there was no one left to attend.  Likewise I know a church that said they didn’t want the older generation and they died out through what I call lack of wisdom.  We need everyone.  God gave them to us.  So Abram made a decision.  In verses 8 and  9 we see the words of Abram.  He says, nephew Lot, we must separate and I want you to choose what area you want to live in.  I will go the other direction.  Abram was willing to separate from Lot even
though he loved him dearly.  Remember,  Abram was sort of the consummate father figure.   He loved Lot but he also knew Lot was in God’s hands and he had to let him go his own way.  Do you love someone dearly and yet you have to let them go?  Maybe you know they are headed for trouble, but you have to let God deal with them.   Abram was a good example for us today.   Especially for parents.  Parents if you hear yourself say: ‘I can’t let them go!’ then you are truly missing out on the blessings God can bestow upon you.  Abram understood God’s blessings.  He knew God’s power.  He trusted.   Well, hopefully you know what happened next with Abram and Lot.  Lot, his nephew chose the green pastures
around Sodom and Gomorrah and that meant Abram had the rugged grassless hills along the west side of the Dead Sea.  Yet Abram went his way without complaint.  But Abram let go of Lot and God continued to bestow great blessings upon him.  Sure Lot would one day be in trouble, and
sure Abram would come to his rescue, but…..   God had plans for Abram and Lot needed to go his way that day.  Abram didn’t stop loving him, but God needed Abram to move to a new location in his life.  One where God could draw out greater from him.  Has He done that with you, but you missed the blessing?  So that day they separated, something wonderful took place.

Genesis 13:14-15.  God said:  “Now I can give all this land to you.  I waited for this day.”  In essence God was saying Abram, finally you’ll be looking at only me and the cares that Lot brought into the picture will be gone.  You’ll see what I have for you.  But then, God tells Abram something else.  I believe it is something we need to make a part of our experience today.

Genesis 13:17.  God told Abram to walk the land that had been given to him.  Now before you think God was saying ‘Hey  Abram, take a hike’ stop and think about it.  He was telling Abram, I have given you something great, now learn what you’ve been given.  Know what you’ve got.  Research, investigate, know and understand your blessings.  Look into His Word and find the length, width, and depth of the blessings God has already given you.   I told you at the beginning of the message that I pray for you and your understanding.  I am concerned about your walk.  I want you to yield to God.  You’ve come to Christ.  Maybe you have been baptized.  Maybe you have even attended some bible studies or a Sunday Night service or two.  But do you know what you’ve got?  What God has given you?  Do you now what is yours?

Maybe you’ve been holding on to something that has held you down.  Like Lot to Abram.  Oh it’s not evil or wrong, it has just stopped the fullness of the blessing of God to work in your life.   God’s been calling you out, but you haven’t listened.  Oh sure, you’ll live a godly life either way, but you and your descendants will miss out on the fullness of God’s Blessing.  We need to study, learn, know and understand the blessings God has given us.   Do you?   Maybe you need to yield today!   How will you yield to Him?  How will you go about understanding
how you’ve been blessed?

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